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​chakoff LS0011 xenon light sourcewith swivel adaptors for storz wolf acmi and Olympus bundles, and chakoff VC0050 2 chip autoexposure camera( bottom) light source $500, camera $250
11 gen surg instuments 3 giant pickups 6 scissors one extra heavy needle driver and one metal tonsil sucker, any one $15 $100 for all
large disposal cans (3) with foot pedal  opener, inside rack to hold large red bags 30.25" high 19.5" deep 19"wide.  $100 each or $250 for all 3 $175 for 2
rolling endocart 2 chip camera  zenon light source & 14" JVC hi res monitor on articulated arm on top $1500 includes all of the above, or just the cart $500.
pedigo ss rolling OR cart drawer under shelf. 2 shelfs behind doors and lower open shelf. receptacle for IV pole. 16" deep 44" tall 26" deep. $350 
ferno collapsable ambulance gurney. mattress 18" wide ( frame 21"), foldable  IV pole removable O2 tank holder side rails and strap $500
Stryker instacare gurney with 5 th steering wheel. some small tears in 3" mattress $500
rolling stainless steel " desk" large drawer below. rails on sides and front 35" tall to top of rail 17.5" deep 30" across front have 2 $250 for one $400 for both
health sonic ultrasonic instrument cleaner model T13 with 3 trays( one shown ) and lid( not shown). outside dimensions12.75 " deep 25 3/8 " wide 10.5" tall $250
Heart interface power backup system converts 3 deep charge. marine batteries from 12 volt DC  to 120 v. 60 cps. $500 includes batteries and cabinet.
cabinet for heart interface included in sale price.. 20" deep 36" wide 42" tall
HP codemaster defibrillator/pacemaker $1250
datascope 2000A recording EKG monitor with 2 ekg harnesses, and accustat pulse ox with 2 finger oximeter leads $1500 includes wall mount
manual for HP codemaster, included in price
Heraeus Hanalux ceiling mounted dual pivoting OR lights beam adjustable3 bulbs each light, goes with wall mounted rheostat lights attached to building structure above false ceiling $2000.  I will help you remove them.
SS on feet (no wheels) 2 door cabinet 3 tempered glass shelves 71.5" hi 17" deep 30.5" wide. $1000 ( $1750 for both if the 1 door SS similar one on wheels also bought)
some of the anesthesia laryngoscopes ($25) blades ($10) tongue forceps $25, and muscle stimulator ($50) bulbs free with first buyer
skytron 6100 OR table with hand and foot controls (sitting on pedestal) with gel pad and gel ankle supports 2 rail mounts and ether screen.$6000.  hand control button for down function sometimes doesn't work then foot control unit needs to be used,  Foot control does not have " move " function but " move" works on hand control.
S-cort duet suction unit with continuously rechargeable battery ( just replaced ) $350
SS rolling table with shelf on top and below top 16x193/4" 343/4" tall. $350
new aluminum arm boards with gel pads ( not shown ) $ 450
4 wheel mayo stand height adjustable $300
​mayo stand adjustable height 19x12.5" $250
4 wheel rolling iv pole with 4 bag hooks on top. work station in middle and 02 tank holder near bottom. $75
colin recording real time BP monitor with adult cuff $750
nellcor nonrecording N-395 pulse oximeter $750
JVC SMPTE-C hi resolution monitor $250
11 misc retractors/rakes good for facelift, breast or abdominoplasty$200 for all or any one for $30
10 oral surgery instruments tongue retractor 2 periosteal or bone pry bars, orbital floor retractor, zygomatic elevator, another elevator/retractor, 2 wire cutters, one bone clamp, one wire twister, any one for $15, all for $100
21 mostly septoplasty instruments. note peyer clamp which makes a great closed septal  reduction device $500 for all, $35 for any one.
3 cervical tenaculae $50 for all.
different view of 4 scissors and tight space needle holder all for $175 or any one for $50
4 long angled scissors and one doubled curved needle holder with twisted tip ( good for tight space suturing such as cleft palate $175 or any one for $50
wire, suture, or tendon passer, uterine sound( good blunt mammary dissector) Padgett hand dermatome, swivel adson with teeth/double hook, straight debakey forceps, double ended pigtail lacrimal probe, sharp straight needle on a handle ( to penetrate tissue for ext to internal markings or viceversa, 2 thimble hooks one single one double $150 or any one for $15
codman/rainey hemostatic scalp clips 4 unopened pouches of 10 each ( autoclavable ) and one applicator all for $25
single door SS cabinet on wheels 4 tempered glass shelves ( and an extra one not installed goes with it ) 72.5 " hi 24" wide 16.5" deep. $1000, or if both similar SS cabinets bought $1750 for both

mentor dual light source with grams grazer retractor in speculum mode
​cabinet top amsco warming cabinet model M70wc-E. outside dimensions 30" wide 21.5 " front to back 24,25" hi.  We used for blankets and fluids. $250
20 tank ( small anesthetic gas )  rolling storage rack or cart. $50
buffalo whisper turbo smoke evacuator with floor stand foot pedal 5 unused EY prefilters 2 unused EY filters ( cat # SING VSEY ) and several sets of tubing.  Barely used unit, $500
mentor dual light source with adaptors for different bundles showing modified Grams grazer retractor/speculum in retractor mode.  light source $100, retractor $2500 with 2 fiberoptic bundles

mentor dual light source with adaptors and 2 retractors 6" right angle without teeth ( lighted ) and 4" right angle with teeth. both retractors and bundle for both $500
Colin recording( real time ) BP monitor with adult cuff. $750
terumo battery operatedBP and pulse monitor with 3 diifferent size cuffs $100
plexiplus anklet alternating venous return pump with 2 used and 5 new anklet wraps. $300
eyewash station hooks to cold water outlet under sink via flexible pipeing $100

puritan bennett O2 dispensing station with flow adjustment have 2 $ 25 each
leather instrument carrier zipper closure $50
oxygen manifold with adjustable pressure monitor fitted for 3 large 02 tanks $50
02 pressure gauge above and adjustable preset regulator below $50
puritan bennett 02 dispensing station with flow adjustment have 2, $25 each
instrument or camera case hard plastic,14" x 7.5" deep x 10.25 front to back $25
​aluminum instrument or camera case $25,14.25"x 8"deepx 10.25"front to back
nitrous oxide tank pressure gauge above and adjusable preset outlet pressure regulator below. $50
hard plastic instrument case with 2 removable fine instrument boards with stapled down elastic bands. $50
anesthesia cart in OR 5 drawer has medication bins. 5 drawers and open bin with dissappearing door below. 02 tank holder on left side and a 4 outlet grounded plug box on the same side. $500
false ceiling mounted rail hanging IV poles movable along rails. rails about 96 " long. have 2 rails and 3 hanging IVpoles ( from rail )   $50 for 1 rail and 2 poles. $25 for one rail and one IV pole
wall mounted plug in oto/ophthamolmoscope set. have 2 $25 each
low pressure alarms 02/ nitrous wired to gas manifolds in " gas " tank room. $50
nitrous oxide manifold with adjustable pressure monitor.  fitted for 2 large tanks. $50
Crash cart in the recovery area lockable
hand drill for endotine endoscopicbrowlift kit with drills and retractors and grasping instrument to insert endotines $350

Ether Screen $25 each
 (have 2 ) on OR table

stirrups.  comes with 2 universal skyton siderail mounts. $250.
autoclavable instrument carrier with prongs to stabilize instruments. rubber inserts to also stabilize and protect instruments. removable cover so it can be used as an autoclave tray. $50
2 Extra Baskets for Health Sonic Ultrasonic Cleanser $25 each
Misc. Stainless $ 5.00 each Have much more than this including basins

OR Table extension or upright footrest comes with 2 universal skytron rail mounts $25
Birtcher Hyfrecator  Plus with 2 pencils 
and 2 boxes of cautery tips. no foot pedal off/on are on the pencils as well power up/ down. $750 
small oxygen tank holder$ 15

 Ellman Surgitron radiosurgery model FFPF with multiple autoclavable pencils and many many ( dozens ) of autoclavable straight and angled cautery tips. Some are loops. comes with about 5 bipolar autoclavable forceps on the right side is a 3 prong standard  bovie pencil adaptor. comes with wall mount kit. $750. also has foot pedal. has grounding pad.
 Padgett Dermatome relic of the past $5
Sabbagh (nasal) Profilometer.Padgett P-875 $50
Omron Intellisense BP and pulse monitor with fixed adult cuff, battery operated.$75
Flow adjustable and pressure Gauge  for larger or smaller yellow tank( medical air,  not sure never used ) $5

Microlife BP Monitor with 2 different size cuffs , 4 double A batteries or wall electric adapter, USB computer interface cord, measure pulse rate and detects irregular heart beat, ( Has carrying case) $200
Jamar Hand Grip Dynamometer measures Grip strength in kilos, grams or pounds.Asimov Engineering $50
Bioplate Titanium alloy microscrew  set with snap in Bayonet Hand drill, 27 unused 1.5 mm microscrews , one unopened drill blade (screw driver), 2 additional minimally used drills and one minimally used screwdriver (drill blade) in autoclavable kit. $75

Hello : Surgery Centers and Surgeons,
I am happily doing all conscious sedation and general anesthesia cases at John Muir's Aspen Surgery Center. I have sold some equipment, instruments and supplies to Aspen but it has taken a long time to design the website for remaining material.  We also have some supplies for sale but I just don't have time to inventory all of that, so If any of you or your biomedical people want to inspect and/or test any equipment
 ( most items were last inspected and "stickered" about a year ago) all is being sold "as is". You can also inspect the supplies and/or make an offer on supplies as well.
William Jervis, MD 9/15/2016